Female Body Simulation VR – Become a woman in RocketVR’s “What Happens When a Man Becomes a Woman?”

This is pretty creative! A new up and coming producer, RocketVR has created a female body simulation VR video.

I went through the experience today and absolutely loved it.

What happens when a man becomes a woman?” is mostly focused on simulating lesbian sex, but the twist is that you get to become the lesbian. Of course, it’s porn, and it’s Japanese porn, so it’s over the top and of course not an actual simulation of the female experience or queer female love. Despite this, I’m still happy to see producers trying new experiences.

I think the desire to experience eroticism from within a female body is an interesting fantasy that is underrepresented in adult entertainment.

female body simulation vr
^ a fun and playful fantasy

It’s fun to look down and see myself have some lovely breasts. It’s even more fun for a cute girl to approach me and flirt. Let’s see the official description:

It’s magic when a fantasy comes true and you are magically turned into a hot, busty, Japanese girl who has two hot friends who want nothing more than to eat your pussy. These horny babes take your clothes off, suck on your nipples, and lay you back on the couch so they can spread your legs and lick your hairy pussy. You cum on their faces and suck on their tits. You’ve only been a girl for a few minutes and you are already having a hot lesbian threesome!

As stated before, it’s over the top, and the video does not by any means explore the full spectrum of actual intimacy. With this being said, I hope that adult video producers do see the value in exploring deeper emotional dynamics and more realistic intimacy in VR. The reason porn became so overexaggerated is to overcome the lack of immersion limitations inherent to 2D monitors. However, with virtual reality, simple intimacy can be satisfying due to smaller nuances like eye contact and depth perception.

Female Body Simulation VR – Sex Scenes

The sex scenes are similar to the rest of JAV VR porn, except that you’re female in the first person. There’s a lot of two-way nipple play, oral sex, and overall a lot of cute faces having a good time.

female body simulation vr lesbian
^ lots of teasing

Female Body Simulation VR – Going to the Bathroom

Of course, the best part of these videos for me is the pee scenes. As a result of being in a female body, you get to sit on the toilet and pee as a woman. I found these scenes to be a huge turn on and I even tried watching the video while sitting on a toilet. It was really cute to look down and see my slender, virtual thighs relaxing on the toilet seat.

I took a screenshot, but note that screenshots from VR will be distorted:

female body simulation vr pee

To further enjoy these videos, it might be fun to wear women’s clothing, or a wig. I haven’t tried it yet, but I might.


I absolutely loved “What happens when a man becomes a woman?” and I hope that RocketVR continues to make more videos of this nature. Most notably, I’d love to have more videos featuring more body types.

This video requires a VR headset. For tips on starting out, check out my guide for setting up the Oculus Quest 2 for VR porn here.

reverse cowgirl VR

At the time of this writing, this video is available on SLR Premium. SLR Premium is worth it. If you’re curious to learn more about SexLikeReal, check out my review of SLR Premium here.

Forced Orgasm VR – “Trapped! Sweating Woman High on Aphrodisiac Gets Toyed Endlessly”

Forced orgasm VR refers to videos where the model is forced to have an orgasm. The fantasy is that they are put into circumstances outside their control and forced to have an orgasm. They will generally protest and express non-consent, but the plot continues to move towards their eventual surrender.

These videos are performed by consenting adults who embrace the fantasy and treat it as consensual role play. This subject matter is intended to allow both parties to explore the fantasy — both the fantasy of taking someone against their will, and the fantasy of being taken against your will. It is a dynamic of domination and surrender. These videos do not promote or encourage non-consensual acts; rather they allow adults to explore both sides of this fantasy in a safe and controlled setting through the eyes and bodies of professional, consenting performers.

High Quality of Acting (at least for porn)

forced orgasm vr
^ the foreplay is very deliberate

This video comes from the studio NATURAL HIGH. They specialize in themes of non-consent roleplay, with a focus on public shaming and sex acts featuring large groups. Their videos use the word “Chikan” which seems to translate to “one who gropes.”

Now that a sex-positive foundation has been set, I can now say that “Trapped! Sweating Woman High on Aphrodisiac Gets Toyed Endlessly” is a quality production worth watching if you’d like to explore this domain.

The video does not have a model specified. However, I think I might recognize those perfect feminine thighs as Kurumi Tamaki’s. If I’m incorrect about the name of the performer, please let me know.

forced orgasm vr
^ letting you in on her perfection

As always, here’s the official description:

Nowhere to go. Nowhere to run. And only a psychopath like YOU for company. Sweat, naked, and made to take an aphrodisiac, you’re about to make this sexy little Japanese slut endure orgasm after orgasm as you toy her pussy endlessly and push her endurance to the limit. Explore a dark little corner of your deepest sexual desires 

The overall theme of this video is that the model continues to have multiple orgasms. At first, it starts out with you inserting a toy into her which she cannot remove. The toy, deeply inserted, continues to vibrate harder and harder, giving her no opportunity to rest or remove it. She can only give in to the pleasure as it causes her to orgasm over and over again.

Forced Orgasm VR Leads to Pissing

She pees a lot in this video, usually at the peak of her orgasm.

forced orgasm vr
^ her poor shoes

I’m glad that VR content exists which allows men and women to explore these fantasies in a healthy way. Personally, I mostly like this video because of how pretty the model is. Seeing her cute face express a wide range of emotions, including euphoric bliss, is enough to keep me entertained for hours.

While it doesn’t show it in the photos, the video ends with some nice sex scenes where she happily rides you. These scenes are great since you get to appreciate her thick curves happily slamming against you.


Trapped! Sweating Woman High on Aphrodisiac Gets Toyed Endlessly is a solid VR experience if you’re looking to explore content at the boundaries of the domination and submission spectrum. NATURAL HIGH is a studio worth checking out if you’d like to explore this type of content further.

This video requires a VR headset. For tips on starting out, check out my guide for setting up the Oculus Quest 2 for VR porn here.

reverse cowgirl VR

At the time of this writing, this video is available on SLR Premium. SLR Premium is worth it. If you’re curious to learn more about SexLikeReal, check out my review of SLR Premium here.

Giantess VR – Get stepped on at an all-girls school in “I was turned 10cm tall!”

Giantess VR is a great utilization of virtual reality technology. Due to VR’s ability to simulate depth perception, I was turned 10cm tall! provides an immersive simulation of being stepped on and teased by giant women.

^ I love panty shots

Our glorious Sodcreate and their beloved cast of diverse and quirky schoolgirls is back. This time, they are mastering the giantess fetish. Here’s the official description:

There’s two ways to scratch the itch for a giantess in your life – either get yourself a huge woman, or turn yourself very small! You weren’t planning on it, but now that you’re only 10 cm tall you’ve found yourself in a all-girl school, and these hot sluts are either going to step on you or treat you like their very own sex toy! What’ll it be?

Like a proper warm-up, the video starts out with some voyeur. From the low perspective, you get to watch the the girls’ dainty little feet step around the classroom. I love to worship their pure white shoes and socks in the process. During this time, you can see all the way up their bare legs. You can even appreciate the point where their innocent butt cheeks protrude out of the lower part of their white panties and black gym suits.

Giantess VR with Pee Scenes

Eventually the girls discover you and you become the plaything of this sadistic group. They step on you, smother you with their public hair, and even try and drown you in their piss. Normally when I watch golden shower videos in VR, I’ll have some warm on hand to sip on or pour on myself during key moments of fluid exchange.

With this video, I feel like the only way to properly stimulate the amount of urine you receive would be to find a full-size waterfall in a tropical climate. Even if I pour a whole bucket of water on myself, it doesn’t come close to the amount of urine these girls are releasing due to the simulated difference in size.

^ before getting soaked by urine

Giantess VR with a Group of Cute Girls

There are eight different girls in this video. They are all cute, but I prefer the ones whose legs are a little chubby. Fortunately, looking up at them from the floor is a great angle to see who has the chunkiest thighs.


There’s a lot to love in I was turned 10cm tall! Videos produced by SodCreate always meet the highest quality standard, so you really know what you are getting with this video. Personally, my favorite part of this video is staring at the girls’ bodies from the low angle. My only criticism is that these are the same models as all the previous videos, and I would personally be excited to see some new talent join the team to keep things fresh.

This video requires a VR headset. For tips on starting out, check out my guide for setting up the Oculus Quest 2 for VR porn here.

reverse cowgirl VR

At the time of this writing, this video is available on SLR Premium. SLR Premium is worth it. If you’re curious to learn more about SexLikeReal, check out my review of SLR Premium here.

Cumshot VR – Cum inside a cute girl while her husband is asleep in “Cuckhold Sex at the Mixed Bathing Experience”

Cumshot VR refers to any VR experience that includes an ejaculation. In the case of Cuckhold Sex at the Mixed Bathing Experience,” you get to cream inside the beautiful Touka Rinne multiple times. Not only do you get to fill her elegant vagina with semen, but you also get to release a huge blast into her mouth. I hope that’s OK.

cumshot vr

What’s in between the cumshot VR scenes?

I would say that the theme of this video is wild sex. The production starts out with beautiful Touka seducing you, giving you a handjob after she notices her husband is asleep. At first, things are quiet. However, things quickly heat up as she gets turned on and starts to give into the temptation for pleasure.

This particular video has lots of sex scenes: you get a hand job, a blow job (where you cum inside her mouth), some doggy style, missionary sex, etc, with some nice creampies.

Of course, there is also a fantastic pee scene in this video. While you lay on your back, she stands over you releasing a shy stream of piss all over your body. Fortunately, you’re at the hot spring so you don’t mind getting a little wet.

cumshot vr

Touka Rinne is cute, playful, and enthusiastic about having sex with you. She is often smiling and giddy as she goes all-in on this once-in-a-lifetime experience. The wonderful thing about cumshot VR, and VR in general, is the feeling you get from making eye contact. Thankfully, Touka Rinne seems to genuinely enjoy this form of wild and crazy pleasure. As a result, she’s a great model to make eye contact with in virtual reality. Her smile is infections. Due to that, it’s impossible to resist the urge to smile back. This is especially true when you are simulating the experience of slamming yourself inside her.

girl with a cute face and big breasts smiling at the camera

You’ll have fun flirty with Touka Rinne as she occasionally gets playful. Don’t forget – she’s being naughty and cheating on her sleeping husband!

cumshot vr


Cuckhold Sex at the Mixed Bathing Experience is a satisfying video to watch if you’re looking to sit back and enjoy a detailed, focused, and well-paced sex video with a beautiful model. When it comes to porn, it’s easy to feel tempted to skip around and try out different videos, but this video is different. When it comes to this video, it’s easy to just sit back, get comfortable, and enjoy the experience from start to finish.

Cumshot VR is pretty awesome for these longer films, since you can pace yourself and time your orgasm for the very end. After cumming in real life, it’s fun to just lay back and watch the virtual model laugh and giggle as the cum drips out of her.

This video requires a VR headset. For tips on starting out, check out my guide for setting up the Oculus Quest 2 for VR porn here.

reverse cowgirl VR

At the time of this writing, this video is available on SLR Premium. SLR Premium is worth it. If you’re curious to learn more about SexLikeReal, check out my review of SLR Premium here.

Spit VR – Two girls have fun pissing and spitting on you in “Beautiful Young Schoolgirls Leak out of the School Swimsuits and Make You Try It”

Spit VR consists of girls spitting on you and each other, drooling, slobbering their tongues on each others breasts, and getting each other sticky with open mouth french kissing.

Beautiful Young Schoolgirls Leak out of the School Swimsuits and Make You Try It by my favorite JAV studio SodCreate has a ton of spit play, golden showers, and cute girls.

As with many SodCreate videos, the video begins with an explanation of your predicament. You start out on the floor, and the girls come up to you telling you about all the ways they want to have fun.

First, they wet their clothing, peeing through their suits. Then, they brush their teeth, letting the drool fall out of their mouths, into your mouth and all over your body.

Spit VR with Golden Showers and Swimsuits!

Personally, I have a particular fetish for one piece swimsuits. Particularly when the swimsuits are pulled down such that nipples and breasts are exposed. Fortunately for me, that happens a lot in this video.

^ get ready to do sit-ups in VR

Repeatedly, the girls urinate several times in different positions, but always on you. When they aren’t doing kinky things to your body, they’re giving into the temptation to do naughty lesbian things with each other. Some examples include licking each others’ bare nipples.

^ one with small breasts, one with medium breasts


Today we can be thankful for another wonderful production by SodCreate. I like to watch this video with a warm glass of water or tea on hand to drink during the golden showers. I haven’t found a good solution for simulating french kissing in VR yet; email me with suggestions!

This video requires a VR headset. For tips on starting out, check out my guide for setting up the Oculus Quest 2 for VR porn here.

reverse cowgirl VR

At the time of this writing, this video is available on SLR Premium. SLR Premium is worth it. If you’re curious to learn more about SexLikeReal, check out my review of SLR Premium here.

VR Mistress – Get dominated and pissed on in “My Wife is a Hardcore Mistress”

A VR mistress is one of the many things I have always dreamed of. Thankfully, virtually reality allows me to experience it today.

In My Wife is a Hardcore Mistress, you get surprised to find out that the woman you married is not as innocent as you thought. The scene starts with her in her professional work attire, letting you know that she has a secret.

Her secret is that she’s ready to get kinky and dominate you in a red leather dominatrix outfit.

vr mistress in red leather
are you ready for insertion?

A VR Mistress to Dominate You

While they are a smaller production outlet, WAAPVR doesn’t mess around when it comes to hardcore domination. The strapon play begins right away. If you are really into being pegged by a cute asian girl, I recommend spreading your legs and using a dildo on yourself while watching this in VR.

vr mistress in red leather
she’s in charge now

What I love about this particular VR mistress video (yes, there are a lot more! here’s one example) is how cute Yu Karakami’s breasts are when they pop out of her red leather corset. After that, get ready for pegging, rimming, hand jobs, kissing, and in general just worshipping a perfect goddess.

vr mistress in red leather
open your mouth, you know what’s coming next

Of course, girlspeevr.com is focused on pissing scenes. Will this VR mistress bless you with her perfect feminine fluids? Yes. Thankfully, the video ends with a beautiful golden shower.

As your dominant, your beautiful mistress stands over you with her legs spread wide. Then, whether you like it or not, she claims your body with a stream of her hot urine. Even though she makes a huge mess, she doesn’t care at all. You are her property.


My Wife is a Hardcore Mistress is a solid video. Enjoy the pegging scenes, get dominated, and worship her tasty piss. I prefer to have a cup of warm over-brewed tea available to pour all over my face during the climactic moment, swallowing a big gulp as I ejaculate uncontrollably.

This video requires a VR headset. For tips on starting out, check out my guide for setting up the Oculus Quest 2 for VR porn here.

reverse cowgirl VR

At the time of this writing, this video is available on SLR Premium. SLR Premium is worth it. If you’re curious to learn more about SexLikeReal, check out my review of SLR Premium here.

Big tits VR – Every kind of sex act (including pee) in hours of SodCreate VR Porn

Big tits VR is the first thought that came to my mind when I first saw this video series. Even though it has basically every type of sex act in existence, the first thing I personally noticed was the big, beautiful breasts. What else could I have thought when this is the first image in front of my eyes?

big tits vr
^ I love breast flashes

The official name of this series is 500 Minutes of the 50 Most Popular Videos. This video is a mashup of SodCreate’s other videos, meant to celebrate their 500th video release. There are six parts.

What can I say about this series? It’s wonderful to just turn on and flip through. Since all the videos produced by SodCreate are fantastic, starting up this video series is a great way to queue up a long playlist that doesn’t require a lot of micromanagement.

Big Tits VR That Includes Titjobs

I love the SodCreate models. This includes their large breasts. I especially like their large breasts when they have huge, thick brown nipples. Beyond that, it’s even better when those boobs are used to deliver a titjob.

big tits vr
^ look closely and notice the hard nipples

As a compilation series, these videos have everything. Here’s an official description:

We can’t even count everything that’s waiting for you in this extra long, extra hot compilation of some of SodCreate’s wildest VR porn scenes! Get the very best of JAV in high definition virtual reality in this mult-part JAV VR video starring idols like Yui Hatano, Nozomi Hatzuki, Mana Sakura, Miki Sunohara, Saki Mizumi, Ruka Kanae, Mei Matsumoto, Mikako Abe, Mao Kurata, and Mao Hamasaki. One on one, threesomes, harem, creampies, blowjobs, facials, foot fetish… it’s ALL here for you and it’s all waiting in HOURS of the best hardcore JAV action!

Everything in the description is true. The series has all the usual sex positions: cowgirl, missionary, reverse cowgirl, doggy, etc. Aside from regular sex, they have a lot of acts of service like fingering, masturbation, and nipple play. Naturally, they also have pee scenes!

Don’t Forget the Pee Scenes

Thanks to the tagging system, we can easily find the scenes that include pissing. If you want to skip straight to the pee scenes (i.e. watch girls urinate), you can start with Part 2.

Here’s a screenshot from Part 2. I think you can guess why it’s included in this post:

^ love it when nipples face different directions


This video series is a great way to flip through a lot of SodCreate videos and find your favorites. If you see a scene you like, you can usually watch the full video of that on SexLikeReal as well. Most of their videos are available on SLR Premium and don’t require an additional purchase. However, the videos that do require a PPV purchase are generally worth it.

This video requires a VR headset. For tips on starting out, check out my guide for setting up the Oculus Quest 2 for VR porn here.

reverse cowgirl VR

At the time of this writing, this video is available on SLR Premium. SLR Premium is worth it. If you’re curious to learn more about SexLikeReal, check out my review of SLR Premium here.

Upskirt VR – Stare at cute panties in “Trapped in the Storage Room with the Younger School Club Manager”

VR upskirt videos allow you to look at a woman’s underwear below her skirt (assuming she is wearing any). While real life upskirt moments are fleeting and can be non-consensual, virtual reality videos allow you to appreciate the intimate secrets of a consenting performer for an unlimited period of time. Temporary moments of bliss can become permanent, replayable periods of ecstacy.

Today I bring you another heroic level film from SodCreate. The video is Trapped in the Storage Room with the Younger School Club Manager and is the first video in a three-part series. This is the only video with pee scenes, so it’s the only one I’m reviewing. Fortunately, it stands by itself as a beautiful and sexy production. Here’s the official description:

A erotic and breathtaking feature from our huge variety of pages. You and your classmate Makoto Toda find yourself stuck in a storage room at school. When the cute schoolgirl climbs around trying to find a way out, you get some good looks at her ass in panties under her schoolgirl uniform skirt. When you realize there is no way out of here, she turns her attention to you, pulling your dick out and giving you a blowjob. This horny schoolgirl then sheds her panties, hikes up her skirt, and rides you, slamming her hairy pussy down on your hard dick. You thought being stuck in here with her would be annoying. You had no idea you would end up cumming inside her.

The goddess we have the pleasure of worshipping is Makoto Toda. She’s fun, energetic, curious, and has a cute hairstyle.

Best Upskirt VR Scenes

In the beginning, this video starts out with regular day-to-day cleaning and chores. The two of you have to clean up the equipment in the sports room.

However, upon discovering the door is locked, a plot twist changes the vibe to that of an escape room. This makes the VR experience sort of fun. While you’re roleplaying being trapped in the room, you can immerse yourself even deeper by looking around the room looking for an exit. Is there a key to open the door? A crowbar, perhaps? Maybe we can find a ladder to climb out…

Or, rather than looking for an exit, you can just appreciate Makoto’s panties, thighs, and butt as she crawls around desperately seeking a way out.

schoolgirl upskirt vr
^ notice the mattress, is this foreshadowing?

She continues to fumble around, eventually finding a ladder. In order to climb it and look for an exit on the ceiling, she needs you help. Once she is at the top, you get a full view of all the beauty hidden beneath the plaid patterns that previously concealed her perfect thigh gap.

ladder upskirt
^ be careful when watching this scene; don’t hurt your neck

However, the ladder does not result in a successful escape. Now that so much time has past, the obvious problem arises: what if she needs to use the bathroom?

She still has hope that she will escape before then, but slowly her desperation begins to take shape in her posture and subtle movements.

The Upskirt VR Wetting Scene

You let her climb on top of you in hopes that messing around a bit will help get her mind off her bladder. However, eventually she can’t hold it anymore and ends up allowing her piss to explode through her panties and all over your clothing.

upskirt vr piss
^ her stream becomes much stronger after a couple seconds

With your clothes dirty, the only option is to remove them. The two of you then intimately cuddle, and she smiles at you while giving you a friendly handjob. The end.

upskirt vr smile
^ she’s still wearing her wet panties

Conclusion: I love this video

Trapped in the Storage Room with the Younger School School Club Manager is a great clip. I can’t stress enough how much fun it is to watch a cute girl crawl around desperately for hours, and then receive a handjob. It’s just a perfect afternoon.

This video is unique in that SodCreate makes most of their videos available with the SLR Premium subscription (see my pee-focused review here). However, this video has a premium PPV charge. If SodCreate charges for one video while making the rest of their videos available on SLR Premium, you know it has something special worth paying for.

This video requires a VR headset. For tips on starting out, check out my guide for setting up the Oculus Quest 2 for VR porn here.

At the time of this writing, this video is available via SexLikeReal PPV for $5.99. It’s worth it. If you’re curious to learn more about SexLikeReal, check out my review of SLR Premium here.

VR Panty wetting video watch now

Humilation VR scenes featured in “Humiliation! Doing Something Kinky While Pretending to Help the Injured Girl”

Humilation VR videos focus on feelings of humiliation in you or your virtual partner. In Humiliation! Doing Something Kinky While Pretending to Help the Injured Girl from Dynamic Eyes, we get to see Suzu Yamai feeling embarrassed, humilated, and shy. In the initial scenes, you care for her and show her love. As the video goes on, things get more and more kinky, eventually resulting in a trip to your personal sex dungeon.

(if you want to be the one that is humiliated, check out this video instead: Submitting to a Kinky Bully 2)

In the beginning, this video starts with Suzu at home alone in bed with an injury. You feed her, clean her, and make her feel warm and comfortable. At first, she is wearing her pajamas and doesn’t want you to see her naked. However, as things get more intimate, her clothing starts to slowly come off. She’s shy at first, but ultimately enjoys your attention.

humiliation vr video
^ best eye contact

Humilation VR Includes Peeing in Front of You

Although she needs to go to the bathroom, she can’t do it by herself. Consequently, she allows you to help her. You are kind enough to help her by holding a glass pitcher for her to use. While she is initially shy, she trusts you and needs your help.

humiliation vr video
^ will any spill on the bed?

However, things take a turn for the naughty after you the first scene. Presumably, she eventually recovers and your relationship unfolds into a more kinky one. You get all the scenes scenes – cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy style, missionary, and hardcore.

humiliation vr video
^ gotta be gentle, she still has her cast on

In the second half, you take Suzu to your sex dungeon. Presumably, the two of you have formed a kinky long-term relationship by this point. She has now healed her injuries and can fully participate in BDSM activities.

bdsm girl
^ all better and ready for action!

You get to tie her up, use toys on her, and perform various kinky acts on her. However, in a final twist, she does eventually take charge, getting right on top of your cock for a final ride to the finish!

Conclusion: This is one of the best humiliation VR videos.

I love practicing my eye contact in the videos. Often times, I find myself accidentally holding my breath at key moments. These moments might be the second penetration begins, or when the girl first takes off an article of clothing/

This video requires a VR headset. For tips on starting out, check out my guide for setting up the Oculus Quest 2 for VR porn here.

reverse cowgirl VR

At the time of this writing, this video is available on SLR Premium. SLR Premium is worth it. If you’re curious to learn more about SexLikeReal, check out my review of SLR Premium here.

Bath VR: Take a bath with a cute girl in “Rika Mari Squeezed All Day Long like a Loving Newlywed”

Bath VR? In Rika Mari Squeezed All Day Long like a Loving Newlywed, you get to take a bath with a beautiful girl in between doing various naughty things with her. If you’re wondering whether or not she pees in the bath, the answer is yes.

This lovely video features Rika Mari performing doggy style, handjobs, pissing scenes, missionary sex, POV kissing, and much more.

bath vr
^ getting ready for foreplay

The creator of this video is the infamous Dynamic Eyes, known for their special focus on cute school girls.

Official description:

It’s everything you ever fantasized about and so much more. Rika Mari is your one and only lover in this sexy JAV VR video from studio DynamicEyes, delivering all of the virtual girlfriend experience passion that you’ve come to expect from JAV, but since she’s the one and only Rika Mari you just know she does it with a sexy flair that she never fails to hit! Slip on your VR headset and come meet your new sweet, hot, and horny virtual girlfriend Rika Mari as you squeeze her all day like the newylwed that she is…

Riki Mari is your newlywed girlfriend in this video. Her first priority is to please you. She starts out by giving you a handjob, which quickly leads to various sexual positions. If you love ass, then you’ll be happy to hear that you get to spend a lot of time with her butt in your face.

bath vr
^ because you’re married, she’s comfortable sharing her entire body with you

I actually get a lot of exercise from watching this video laying on my back. This is because I constantly do sit ups, imagining I’m sitting up to eat out her asshole.

When it’s time for a break, you hop into the bath together for some fun and relaxation.

bath vr
^ happy and loving

The Pee Scenes

She’s so shy to pee into a glass in front of you that she gets turned on.

bath vr
^ will she make it into the glass or miss?

Aside from the bath VR scene, the entire video is kinky and sexual.

After the bath, she puts on her schoolgirl outfit for another round of loving consensual sex — in the living room!

Your partner Riki has a ton of fun throughout the video because she absolutely love you.

Conclusion: If you want to take a bath with a cute girl in virtual reality, you will love this bath vr video.

At the time of this writing, SLR Premium includes this video. If you’re curious to learn more about SLR Premium, check out my review here.

kinky VR video features a dominant japanese woman link to streaming