Toilet Fetish VR – “Handcuffed to Your Old Friend: Connected All the Time”

Toilet fetish VR lets you watch a woman use the toilet in front of you. Naturally, this is the theme of this website. Also naturally, the studio that created this wonderful video is called Natural High. And what could be more natural than using the restroom?

Handcuffed to Your Old Friend: Connected All the Time is incredible. You get to watch your cute friend pull down her underwear and sit on the toilet in front of you. She can’t close the door since she’s handcuffed to you, but she’s comfortable. Since she is your girlfriend, she doesn’t mind sharing this intimate moment with you. Even though she has to fully expose her naked lower body, and let you hear the loud hiss of her pee stream, she continues to chat with you casually. Additionally, the more she relaxes, the more her chubby little thighs spill over the sides of the toilet seat.

toilet fetish vr scene
the epitome of cute

But that’s not all. This is just one fantastic scene in a full video. After she is finished in the bathroom, she continues to show her love in several nude sex scenes around the house. First, you take a shower together. Then, she gives you a blow job. After that, the two of you have passionate and loving sex. At the end, there is a bonus handjob.

Official Description:

You decide to play a kinky game with your hot, Japanese girlfriend. The two of you handcuff yourself together and spend the day connected at the wrist. You follow her to school and even into the bathroom. It’s a long day, but when you get home she makes you some nice food and while still wearing the cuffs, she gets naked, gets on top of you, and rides your hard cock. Being handcuffed to you all day really turned her on. Now she needs you to fuck her hard!

After the Toilet Fetish VR Scenes

Even though your cute girlfriend has fully emptied her bladder in front of you, the video does not end there. Of course, you still have to spend the rest of the night together.

Sadly, the model is not credited in this video. However, she is a wonderful actress and looks incredibly beautiful in every scene. She does a great job of taking the lead and letting you ride the roller coaster of being her lover, creating the perfect balance between cuteness and dominance.

toilet fetish vr shower
before taking a shower together

I’m happy to see that Natural High created this video. Currently, there are too many videos that focus on roleplay around non-consent, and not enough videos that focus on simulating love and consent. This video does a great job of simulating a loving girlfriend that truly wants to be with you and experience consensual pleasure together. I think these types of videos are a great way to practice healthy sexuality and partnership for those who do not have a real partner available. Specifically, I think it’s good to simulate the consent process in virtual reality as a way to build more comfort around the consent process in real life. I just love VR simulations that focus on love and intimacy, so I guess I just have a bias towards lovey dovey videos. This is especially true for videos where the actress is good at subtle facial expressions and eye contact.


Criticism of SexLikeReal’s Tagging of Toilet Fetish VR Videos

Once again, SexLikeReal has failed to properly tag another fantastic pee fetish video. At the time of this writing, it does not have a toilets or pissing tag. Fortunately, I am here for you. Let me say this clearly: this is one of the most adorable toilet scenes you can find in all of virtual reality.


I recommend Handcuffed to Your Old Friend: Connected All the Time to anyone. Even if you don’t let toilet scenes, just skip past it to the shower and sex scenes. However, I’ll be watching this video over and over, kneeling on my floor and worshipping the goddess on the throne in front of me.

This video requires a VR headset. For tips on starting out, check out my guide for setting up the Oculus Quest 2 for VR porn here.

reverse cowgirl VR

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Goddess VR – Get dominated and used by a beautiful woman in “Reverse Confinement VR – My Mistress is the Wife Next Door”

Goddess VR allows you to worship a goddess in virtual reality. Today we have a new and exciting video from SodCreate who have proven their expertise in this area. In Reverse Confinement VR – My Mistress is the Wife Next Door, you to worship the world’s most beautiful goddess.

The goddess to which I refer is the famed Iori Kogawa, famous for her ability to portray a strong, powerful, and confident woman who loves being in charge. In this video, you get to get tied up, worship her perfect body from a low angle (aka the floor), and have her use and torture your body for her own pleasure.

goddess vr video
^ the perfect balance of cute and confident

The video starts with Iori saying goodbye to her husband before he leaves on a business trip. She then sees you and invites you inside for some cake. However, you quickly find yourself in bondage. If this sounds exciting to you, I recommend that you stop reading now, and instead just watch the video! Adding an element of surprise really adds to the feeling of totally submitting to her unpredictable desires.

Still want to know more details about the VR goddess worship scenes?

Let’s start with the official description:

And just where do you think you’re going? Iori Kogawa is the sexy and horny cheating wife next door, but more than that, she’s your Mistress and SHE holds the keys to your pleasure. She brings you over whenever she wants just to enjoy your hard cock, keeping you on a short leash and not letting you leave until she’s fully satisfied. Who cares if her husband will be home soon, she’s got an orgasm to reach and you’re not going anywhere!

The description is accurate, but it skims over some of the sexy details around how specifically she toys with you.

After having tea and finding yourself tied up, she first starts teasing you, pulling you around her leash. She then begins enjoying your body – but just for her own pleasure, not for yours. She plays with you and enjoys getting you hard, but it’s going to be a long time before you have any sense of release.

goddess vr butt
^ even though she’s making eye contact, I’m focused on her hips

Goddes VR with A Toilet Scene

This video features a secret pee/toilet scene where you kneel in front of goddess Iori while she sits on the toilet (I say it’s secret because it’s not tagged or timestamped). After beautifully relaxing her firm butt cheeks and thighs on the toilet seat, she let’s out a feminine sigh, casually looking away. During this moment, she releases her bladder, granting you the intimate privilege of watching her pee. She leans back and smiles as you hear the sound of her urine being released and splashing below her.

Unfortunately I can’t take a screenshot of the scene since it’s a VR video, but what I can tell is that during this scene, I kneeled on the floor and felt like I was in the presence of a queen, imagining that she allowed me to place my hands upon her warm, firm thighs.

After using the restroom, she doesn’t wipe. Instead, she smothers your face with her hairy bush, forcing you to clean her up while giving her a little pleasure in the process. After that, the two of you head to the shower for more sadistic and kinky fun.

^ Iori specializes in cold stares and sadistic smiles

Of course, things end with her deciding to have sex with you in a variety of different positions, including missionary and doggy style.

Eventually, she rides you furiously, claiming your orgasm and filling her insides with your semen. The hour+ of foreplay has caused the ejaculation to be thick and creamy. When she dismounts and relaxes her convulsing sexual organs, the semen drips out of her and onto your body.

goddess vr creampie
^ yes, you’re still tied up


This is such a great video. Another five-star production from SodCreate. This video should be on the top of your list if you like confident, athletic women taking charge. Also, there’s a toilet pee scene, something that is still unfortunately rare on My hope is that by promoting this video, it will get more traffic, and producers will include more pee and toilet scenes in their offerings.

This video requires a VR headset. For tips on starting out, check out my guide for setting up the Oculus Quest 2 for VR porn here.

reverse cowgirl VR

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Cumshot VR – Cum inside a cute girl while her husband is asleep in “Cuckhold Sex at the Mixed Bathing Experience”

Cumshot VR refers to any VR experience that includes an ejaculation. In the case of Cuckhold Sex at the Mixed Bathing Experience,” you get to cream inside the beautiful Touka Rinne multiple times. Not only do you get to fill her elegant vagina with semen, but you also get to release a huge blast into her mouth. I hope that’s OK.

cumshot vr

What’s in between the cumshot VR scenes?

I would say that the theme of this video is wild sex. The production starts out with beautiful Touka seducing you, giving you a handjob after she notices her husband is asleep. At first, things are quiet. However, things quickly heat up as she gets turned on and starts to give into the temptation for pleasure.

This particular video has lots of sex scenes: you get a hand job, a blow job (where you cum inside her mouth), some doggy style, missionary sex, etc, with some nice creampies.

Of course, there is also a fantastic pee scene in this video. While you lay on your back, she stands over you releasing a shy stream of piss all over your body. Fortunately, you’re at the hot spring so you don’t mind getting a little wet.

cumshot vr

Touka Rinne is cute, playful, and enthusiastic about having sex with you. She is often smiling and giddy as she goes all-in on this once-in-a-lifetime experience. The wonderful thing about cumshot VR, and VR in general, is the feeling you get from making eye contact. Thankfully, Touka Rinne seems to genuinely enjoy this form of wild and crazy pleasure. As a result, she’s a great model to make eye contact with in virtual reality. Her smile is infections. Due to that, it’s impossible to resist the urge to smile back. This is especially true when you are simulating the experience of slamming yourself inside her.

girl with a cute face and big breasts smiling at the camera

You’ll have fun flirty with Touka Rinne as she occasionally gets playful. Don’t forget – she’s being naughty and cheating on her sleeping husband!

cumshot vr


Cuckhold Sex at the Mixed Bathing Experience is a satisfying video to watch if you’re looking to sit back and enjoy a detailed, focused, and well-paced sex video with a beautiful model. When it comes to porn, it’s easy to feel tempted to skip around and try out different videos, but this video is different. When it comes to this video, it’s easy to just sit back, get comfortable, and enjoy the experience from start to finish.

Cumshot VR is pretty awesome for these longer films, since you can pace yourself and time your orgasm for the very end. After cumming in real life, it’s fun to just lay back and watch the virtual model laugh and giggle as the cum drips out of her.

This video requires a VR headset. For tips on starting out, check out my guide for setting up the Oculus Quest 2 for VR porn here.

reverse cowgirl VR

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Humilation VR scenes featured in “Humiliation! Doing Something Kinky While Pretending to Help the Injured Girl”

Humilation VR videos focus on feelings of humiliation in you or your virtual partner. In Humiliation! Doing Something Kinky While Pretending to Help the Injured Girl from Dynamic Eyes, we get to see Suzu Yamai feeling embarrassed, humilated, and shy. In the initial scenes, you care for her and show her love. As the video goes on, things get more and more kinky, eventually resulting in a trip to your personal sex dungeon.

(if you want to be the one that is humiliated, check out this video instead: Submitting to a Kinky Bully 2)

In the beginning, this video starts with Suzu at home alone in bed with an injury. You feed her, clean her, and make her feel warm and comfortable. At first, she is wearing her pajamas and doesn’t want you to see her naked. However, as things get more intimate, her clothing starts to slowly come off. She’s shy at first, but ultimately enjoys your attention.

humiliation vr video
^ best eye contact

Humilation VR Includes Peeing in Front of You

Although she needs to go to the bathroom, she can’t do it by herself. Consequently, she allows you to help her. You are kind enough to help her by holding a glass pitcher for her to use. While she is initially shy, she trusts you and needs your help.

humiliation vr video
^ will any spill on the bed?

However, things take a turn for the naughty after you the first scene. Presumably, she eventually recovers and your relationship unfolds into a more kinky one. You get all the scenes scenes – cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy style, missionary, and hardcore.

humiliation vr video
^ gotta be gentle, she still has her cast on

In the second half, you take Suzu to your sex dungeon. Presumably, the two of you have formed a kinky long-term relationship by this point. She has now healed her injuries and can fully participate in BDSM activities.

bdsm girl
^ all better and ready for action!

You get to tie her up, use toys on her, and perform various kinky acts on her. However, in a final twist, she does eventually take charge, getting right on top of your cock for a final ride to the finish!

Conclusion: This is one of the best humiliation VR videos.

I love practicing my eye contact in the videos. Often times, I find myself accidentally holding my breath at key moments. These moments might be the second penetration begins, or when the girl first takes off an article of clothing/

This video requires a VR headset. For tips on starting out, check out my guide for setting up the Oculus Quest 2 for VR porn here.

reverse cowgirl VR

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Bath VR: Take a bath with a cute girl in “Rika Mari Squeezed All Day Long like a Loving Newlywed”

Bath VR? In Rika Mari Squeezed All Day Long like a Loving Newlywed, you get to take a bath with a beautiful girl in between doing various naughty things with her. If you’re wondering whether or not she pees in the bath, the answer is yes.

This lovely video features Rika Mari performing doggy style, handjobs, pissing scenes, missionary sex, POV kissing, and much more.

bath vr
^ getting ready for foreplay

The creator of this video is the infamous Dynamic Eyes, known for their special focus on cute school girls.

Official description:

It’s everything you ever fantasized about and so much more. Rika Mari is your one and only lover in this sexy JAV VR video from studio DynamicEyes, delivering all of the virtual girlfriend experience passion that you’ve come to expect from JAV, but since she’s the one and only Rika Mari you just know she does it with a sexy flair that she never fails to hit! Slip on your VR headset and come meet your new sweet, hot, and horny virtual girlfriend Rika Mari as you squeeze her all day like the newylwed that she is…

Riki Mari is your newlywed girlfriend in this video. Her first priority is to please you. She starts out by giving you a handjob, which quickly leads to various sexual positions. If you love ass, then you’ll be happy to hear that you get to spend a lot of time with her butt in your face.

bath vr
^ because you’re married, she’s comfortable sharing her entire body with you

I actually get a lot of exercise from watching this video laying on my back. This is because I constantly do sit ups, imagining I’m sitting up to eat out her asshole.

When it’s time for a break, you hop into the bath together for some fun and relaxation.

bath vr
^ happy and loving

The Pee Scenes

She’s so shy to pee into a glass in front of you that she gets turned on.

bath vr
^ will she make it into the glass or miss?

Aside from the bath VR scene, the entire video is kinky and sexual.

After the bath, she puts on her schoolgirl outfit for another round of loving consensual sex — in the living room!

Your partner Riki has a ton of fun throughout the video because she absolutely love you.

Conclusion: If you want to take a bath with a cute girl in virtual reality, you will love this bath vr video.

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kinky VR video features a dominant japanese woman link to streaming

Naked girl VR – Strip, shower, and fuck in “A Beautiful Girl’s Love”

Studio WOW! is back again with more extreme naked girl VR scenes.

Warning: While this video does not have any explicit non-consent roleplay, it does have a non-consent vibe.

The full title of this video is Tsubasa Hinagiku – A Beautiful Girl’s Love.

Cute. Innocent. Shy… and ever so sexy. Tsubasa Hinagiku is everything you want in your fantasy woman, and now this JAV idol is being brought to life by studio WOW! in their latest hardcore JAV VR video. Enjoy the sensual pleasure of bathing her young body while you run your fingers over her perfect tits, and the feel the warmth of her mouth as she gives you a tentative blowjob for the first time. With fantastic acting and a fantastic body, Tsubasa Hinagiku makes this one hot Japanese schoolgirl fantasy that you’ll never want to finish!

The “Beautiful Girl’s Love” series features young, submissive women. You get to grope, strip, sexually use. These scenes are drawn-out, giving plenty of time to appreciate them slowly. See our review for another video in the series here.

The Actress

Tsubasa Hinagiku is the star of the film. She is an experienced actress with talent across several different forms of extreme niche roleplay. She has a voluptuous body with large breasts and thick thighs.

Due to these features, she has the perfect body for a naked girl VR video. I like to adjust the camera angle and zoom in so I can get up close to the curves (don’t know how to change the camera angle or zoom? read my guide on VR porn here).

Naked Girl VR Video
^ notice the hip shape

Despite the video’s overall intense nature, the video starts with cuddling. Then, topless cuddling.

After that, she needs to pee. Accordingly, she stands naked in the bathroom, trying to hold her bladder. Eventually, she gives up, soaking her chubby thighs.

Afterwards, a man gives her a bath. We get some nice shots of her huge butt during this scene.

Naked Girl VR Video
^ her body language is always tense

The Climax

After the shower, it’s time for missionary sex.

Naked Girl VR Video
^ she plays a passive role

The the end of the video, she is stroked, fondled, and tickled as she falls asleep on the couch.

Conclusion – If you like this style, it’s one of the best Naked Girl VR Videos

This video requires a VR headset. For tips on starting out, check out my guide for setting up the Oculus Quest 2 for VR porn here.

At the time of this writing, this video is included with SLR Premium. SLR Premium is worth it. If you’re curious to learn more about SexLikeReal, check out my review of SLR Premium here.

Submissive girl VR video, cute pee scenes: “The Young Girl Under Arrest, Splashing her Legs”

submissive girl vr peeing nakedly

Submissive girl VR videos allow you to feel like you’re in charge. To add to that feeling of power, “The Young Girl Under Arrest” gives you pee scenes mixed with sex, blowjobs, cuddling, showering, and stripping.

Ruru Arisu is cute, fun, and has the perfect amount of thickness in her thighs.

Warning: These videos are controversial. If you are not comfortable with non-consent roleplay, it is recommended that you avoid this video.

JAV producers have a long history of non-consent roleplay. Owing to their experience, they know how to discuss models’ boundaries to navigate consent. On top of this, Japan’s adult industry is huge. Their infrastructure provides a lot of opportunities for models to specialize into certain types of content while avoiding others. With this in mind, I currently assume that non-consent roleplay produced by large, well-known producers like WOW! is produced ethically.

Ruru Arisu is playful and enthusiastic in her other videos. Based on her diverse range as an actress, I assess that she has a true passion for diverse roleplay. Therefore, I will happily enjoy this video as her satisfied customer.

submissive girl vr link to sexlikereal
^ her body is ready

In between sex scenes. you get a lot of blow jobs. On top of that, you get to cuddle with her.

Here’s the official description:

Ruru Arisu has been a BAD girl, and now it’s time to make sure that she learns her lesson in this hot, hardcore VR porn scene. She’s going to bare it all AND get very wet over your cock in one of the raunchiest JAV titles you’ve ever experience, but now that’s it’s brought to life in high definition virtual reality it’s hotter than ever!”

The pee scenes are wonderful. She really does splash her legs.

Submissive Girl VR Videos – Conclusion

In conclusion, submissive girl VR videos are wonderful. As a result of the high quality of content and its high production value, I had a wonderful time watching this video. Specifically, my favorite thing about this vides is that it is long and drawn out. I take my time immersing myself in each scene.

This video requires a VR headset. For tips on starting out, check out my guide for setting up the Oculus Quest 2 for VR porn here.

At the time of this writing, SLR Premium includes this video. If you’re curious to learn more about SLR Premium, check out my review here.

kinky VR video features a dominant japanese woman link to streaming

Enjoy VR creampie sex and cute pissing scenes in “Thick Creampie” featuring Hikaru Minatsuki

VR creampie sex is a staple of VR porn. In Thick Creampie, you get to cum inside Hikaru Minatsuki multiple times. Following the creampie, she giggles and playfully pees in various positions. The creator of this video is 4KVR.

I’m in love with her. I can watch this video over and over again, just staring into her eyes, listening to her laugh, and slowly appreciating her body.

She’s cute, petite, and just out of school. Hikaru comes over to your place still dressed in her schoolgirl uniform. She looks so sweet and innocent, but you know just what a bad girl this babe can be. The cute, tiny tart lets you get her naked and grope her body, feeling her ass and pussy while she sucks and strokes your cock then you lay her back and split that tight pussy open with your thick cock and cum inside her!

This video takes its time. Before the hardcore stuff, there’s a lot of cute foreplay. During this time, you get to appreciate her schoolgirl uniform as it slowly comes off piece by piece.

Conclusion: VR Creampie Sex is a Way of Life

I have watched porn my entire life. However, these VR creampie scenes have a unique impact on me. It’s much more immersive and real. It feels more like real sex than porn. A lot of this has to do with the fact that it simulates eye contact.

Speaking of eye contact, Hikaru Minatsuki has the most beautiful eyes. Once you meet her gaze, you won’t be able to look away.

^ Golden shower in the lower right! Also perfect butt.

They always say that the danger of porn is that it trains you to be an outside observer to sex. However, with VR porn, you’re not an outside observer at all. You’re right there, close enough to feel their breath.

You get to experience her comfortable and enthusiastic sexuality in various positions before she pees all over you at the end (second image in from the lower right). Thankfully, the preview image above provides a good idea of what this video includes. Don’t forget to use SLR’s built in tag timestamps to skip to your favorite parts.

This video requires a VR headset. For tips on starting out, check out my guide for setting up the Oculus Quest 2 for VR porn here.

At the time of this writing, SLR Premium includes this video. If you’re curious to learn more about SLR Premium, check out my review here.

VR creampie sex and cute pissing scenes in "Thick Creampie." watch now