VR Mistress – Get dominated and pissed on in “My Wife is a Hardcore Mistress”

A VR mistress is one of the many things I have always dreamed of. Thankfully, virtually reality allows me to experience it today.

In My Wife is a Hardcore Mistress, you get surprised to find out that the woman you married is not as innocent as you thought. The scene starts with her in her professional work attire, letting you know that she has a secret.

Her secret is that she’s ready to get kinky and dominate you in a red leather dominatrix outfit.

vr mistress in red leather
are you ready for insertion?

A VR Mistress to Dominate You

While they are a smaller production outlet, WAAPVR doesn’t mess around when it comes to hardcore domination. The strapon play begins right away. If you are really into being pegged by a cute asian girl, I recommend spreading your legs and using a dildo on yourself while watching this in VR.

vr mistress in red leather
she’s in charge now

What I love about this particular VR mistress video (yes, there are a lot more! here’s one example) is how cute Yu Karakami’s breasts are when they pop out of her red leather corset. After that, get ready for pegging, rimming, hand jobs, kissing, and in general just worshipping a perfect goddess.

vr mistress in red leather
open your mouth, you know what’s coming next

Of course, girlspeevr.com is focused on pissing scenes. Will this VR mistress bless you with her perfect feminine fluids? Yes. Thankfully, the video ends with a beautiful golden shower.

As your dominant, your beautiful mistress stands over you with her legs spread wide. Then, whether you like it or not, she claims your body with a stream of her hot urine. Even though she makes a huge mess, she doesn’t care at all. You are her property.


My Wife is a Hardcore Mistress is a solid video. Enjoy the pegging scenes, get dominated, and worship her tasty piss. I prefer to have a cup of warm over-brewed tea available to pour all over my face during the climactic moment, swallowing a big gulp as I ejaculate uncontrollably.

This video requires a VR headset. For tips on starting out, check out my guide for setting up the Oculus Quest 2 for VR porn here.

reverse cowgirl VR

At the time of this writing, this video is available on SLR Premium. SLR Premium is worth it. If you’re curious to learn more about SexLikeReal, check out my review of SLR Premium here.