Humilation VR scenes featured in “Humiliation! Doing Something Kinky While Pretending to Help the Injured Girl”

Humilation VR videos focus on feelings of humiliation in you or your virtual partner. In Humiliation! Doing Something Kinky While Pretending to Help the Injured Girl from Dynamic Eyes, we get to see Suzu Yamai feeling embarrassed, humilated, and shy. In the initial scenes, you care for her and show her love. As the video goes on, things get more and more kinky, eventually resulting in a trip to your personal sex dungeon.

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In the beginning, this video starts with Suzu at home alone in bed with an injury. You feed her, clean her, and make her feel warm and comfortable. At first, she is wearing her pajamas and doesn’t want you to see her naked. However, as things get more intimate, her clothing starts to slowly come off. She’s shy at first, but ultimately enjoys your attention.

humiliation vr video
^ best eye contact

Humilation VR Includes Peeing in Front of You

Although she needs to go to the bathroom, she can’t do it by herself. Consequently, she allows you to help her. You are kind enough to help her by holding a glass pitcher for her to use. While she is initially shy, she trusts you and needs your help.

humiliation vr video
^ will any spill on the bed?

However, things take a turn for the naughty after you the first scene. Presumably, she eventually recovers and your relationship unfolds into a more kinky one. You get all the scenes scenes – cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy style, missionary, and hardcore.

humiliation vr video
^ gotta be gentle, she still has her cast on

In the second half, you take Suzu to your sex dungeon. Presumably, the two of you have formed a kinky long-term relationship by this point. She has now healed her injuries and can fully participate in BDSM activities.

bdsm girl
^ all better and ready for action!

You get to tie her up, use toys on her, and perform various kinky acts on her. However, in a final twist, she does eventually take charge, getting right on top of your cock for a final ride to the finish!

Conclusion: This is one of the best humiliation VR videos.

I love practicing my eye contact in the videos. Often times, I find myself accidentally holding my breath at key moments. These moments might be the second penetration begins, or when the girl first takes off an article of clothing/

This video requires a VR headset. For tips on starting out, check out my guide for setting up the Oculus Quest 2 for VR porn here.

reverse cowgirl VR

At the time of this writing, this video is available on SLR Premium. SLR Premium is worth it. If you’re curious to learn more about SexLikeReal, check out my review of SLR Premium here.