Domination VR – Get used and pissed on in “Submitting to a Wet Bully 2”

Domination VR videos are a great choice for current virtual reality porn technology. This is because you can just lie on your back wearing your headset and let a cute girl completely take charge!

Today, I’m looking at the Submitting to a Wet Bully 2 by WOW!

In this video, another dominant woman completely takes control of you. Between hand jobs and sex on her terms, we get to receive several of her aggressive golden showers.

For the purpose of understanding the producer’s creative vision, here’s the official description:

[she] is one bully that’s not going to take your crap! She’s a badass bully and she’s willing to do anything to put you in your place, even sitting on your chest and breaking water all over you! Oh don’t worry, she still likes to play with her toys, and that means plenty of pleasure for your cock as she uses your body to get herself off time and time against in this hardcore JAV VR porn video from studio WOW!

Clearly, the description is accurate. Thanks to a cute translation, the video refers to her pissing as “breaking water.”

In these videos there are quite a few amazing POV golden showers.

A Perfect Actress

Surely you will be happy to discover that this kinky VR video features the tantalizing Mihina Nagai. She has beautiful bangs, healthy black hair, and pouty eyes, even when she’s getting exactly what she wants. Above all, she’s the boss!

domination vr
^ taking what she wants

There are a few different scenes and outfits. In this video, we get to see her perfect body adorned in a nurse uniform, a schoolgirl outfit, and even office attire!

domination vr
^ talking down to you

In order to stay turned on, Mihina Nagai needs to pee on you often. This causes the brown nipples on her natural breasts to get perky and erect.

domination vr
^ Before and after forced cowgirl

Do you see the fishnet stockings? 🙂

Her Own Unique Style of Pee Domination VR

Like the image above, some of the pee scenes feature a precise controlled stream right into your mouth. At the same time, there are additional scenes that are more messy. She even lets her pee stream down her own legs as she releases a messy spray all over your naked body.

It doesn’t matter if you want it or not — she’s going to take it from you.

domination vr
^ she’s not done with you yet

I love these videos because there are so many pee scenes, and I love dominant women. Personally, I like to watch these videos with some warm water in a bottle nearby, so that I can pour it all over myself during the piss scenes.

Conclusion: It’s one of the best domination VR videos

This video requires a VR headset. For tips on starting out, check out my guide for setting up the Oculus Quest 2 for VR porn here.

At the time of this writing, SLR Premium includes this video. If you’re curious to learn more about SLR Premium, check out my review here.

kinky VR video features a dominant japanese woman link to streaming

Office Lady Pantyhose VR Part 1

In Office Lady Pantyhose VR Part 1, we get to watch tantalizingly average office workers show off their bodies. Diverse and perfect, they wear different forms of pantyhose and formal office clothing.

There is a brief moment where we get to walk in on a woman sitting on the toilet, right before she strips.

office lady pantyhose vr strip tease video
^ My fav scene ^

The video overall isn’t bad. Normally I’m not really that into office lady pantyhose, or either of those things by themselves. But in Office Lady Pantyhose VR (Part 1), it feels like you’re actually with the woman. This adds some interpersonal magic to the experience. Normally, I just fast-forward to the moment breasts are revealed. With virtual reality, I’ll stick around and enjoy the illusion of flirtation.

I love watching that door open over and over again. I love to imagine that I have the power to open a door while a woman is going to the restroom. In the real world, I’d be violating her space. However, in VR porn, I’m welcomed with enthusiastic consent.

This video doesn’t even have a description. PetersMAX, one of my top 10 kinky JAV studios, created this video. Always pushing the limits, they have some of my favorite voyeur and time stop videos.

To top it all off, most of this video involves staring at butts:

office lady pantyhose vr strip tease video

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