Office Lady Pantyhose VR Part 1

In Office Lady Pantyhose VR Part 1, we get to watch tantalizingly average office workers show off their bodies. Diverse and perfect, they wear different forms of pantyhose and formal office clothing.

There is a brief moment where we get to walk in on a woman sitting on the toilet, right before she strips.

office lady pantyhose vr strip tease video
^ My fav scene ^

The video overall isn’t bad. Normally I’m not really that into office lady pantyhose, or either of those things by themselves. But in Office Lady Pantyhose VR (Part 1), it feels like you’re actually with the woman. This adds some interpersonal magic to the experience. Normally, I just fast-forward to the moment breasts are revealed. With virtual reality, I’ll stick around and enjoy the illusion of flirtation.

I love watching that door open over and over again. I love to imagine that I have the power to open a door while a woman is going to the restroom. In the real world, I’d be violating her space. However, in VR porn, I’m welcomed with enthusiastic consent.

This video doesn’t even have a description. PetersMAX, one of my top 10 kinky JAV studios, created this video. Always pushing the limits, they have some of my favorite voyeur and time stop videos.

To top it all off, most of this video involves staring at butts:

office lady pantyhose vr strip tease video

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