New VR toilet spycam tech in “Hidden Gold VR Part 2”

Finally, more VR toilet spycam content. 🙂 In Hidden Gold VR Part 2, we get to see more women peeing naturally. Curious about Part 1? Check out our writeup here.

Just like the prequel, these girls use a Japanese-style toilet, unaware that you are observing. From the official description:

…While visiting Japan you find out about a bathroom hidden camera that lets you watch Japanese girls go to the bathroom. The camera is perfectly placed. Every time an Asian cutie comes in, you get a perfect view as she pulls her pants down, drops her panties, squats and lets loose. You see all kinds of panties and pussies as these cuties relieve themselves and look amazing doing so.

Personally, I like to watch these videos standing up in front of my bathroom sink. I usually turn the water faucet on to be a light warm stream, so that when the girls start pissing, I can place my hand into the water stream to simulate the feeling of them urinating on my hand.

Additionally, since the bathrooms have tile floors, resting my balls on the cold countertop adds immersion, as if I’m really in the restroom with them. Like some sort of invisible pee ghost, I suppose. It sounds weird, but it totally works.

These videos are censored. Personally, censoring parts of the video doesn’t bother me. Since I can still see into their eyes, I have everything I need to feel connected to their soul as they relieve themselves.

VR toilet spycam videos link, girl pees toilet
^ Such a relaxed posture

The app’s tagging functionality makes it each to skip to different girls. However, the timestamps aren’t always perfect. If you want to see the part where the girl enters the room and locks the door, you’ll need to rewind a bit. Many of the timestamps skip past this important buildup.

Conclusion: VR Toilet Spycam Videos are Finally Here

In conclusion, I’m excited to announce that this new type of adult VR content is fantastic. It’s immersive, and it totally works. I’m hoping to see more toilet spycam videos like this, perhaps with different types of characters, settings, and outfits. If I had to choose, I’d love to see a fitness-themed VR toilet spycam.