VR Pee Accident – New Series: “In a Rush to Toilet And the Chuck Doesn’t Open”

VR pee accident videos are quite fun. We need more videos like this. Since pee desperation and wetting are still considered extreme social taboo, VR is a great place to explore it. Specifically, the primary fear of wetting one’s clothing is social humiliation. With VR, you can simulate the feeling of being physically present the moment a beautiful woman begins wetting herself. In this way, you can simulate the feeling of being near a real life woman having an accident in public, witnessing her humiliation and embarrassment live.

I’m excited to see more work from this new producer – IchiMonKai. Since they are a new producer (at least in terms of SexLikeReal), I hope that everyone can support them by viewing their videos.

Wonderfully, In a Rush to Toilet And the Chuck Doesn’t Open focuses on a woman wetting her panties in the toilet. She rushes to the bathroom as quickly as possible, trying to remove her clothing in time, but due to the pressure built up in her bladder, explodes through her clothing. Her warm and pungent urine spreads throughout her underwear, pantyhose, socks, and shoes. All right in front of you.

vr pee accident
^ she spends some acting cute before panty wetting

I like the simple and accurate description.

She’s just desperate to go! Whatever it takes, this sexy Japanese babe is gonna’ get some relief, and little does she know that you’ve already put down a camera to get a peek at her golden flow as she lets loose in the bathroom stall.

VR Pee Accident Videos Are Rare

Currently, these types of VR pee accident simulations are rare. There are some panty wetting videos on SexLikeReal, but they are mostly performance based rather than accidental/desperation-based.

In this video, the girl does remove her panties slightly after leaking a bit of piss, not completely wetting herself. During this moment, she looks so cute that I feel the urge to give her a kiss on the cheek. Sometimes I will use sex dolls to increase my immersion while watching VR porn.

It’s fun to watch these videos laying on your back and pouring warm water on your crotch, as if the cute girl is giving you a golden shower.


In a Rush to Toilet And the Chuck Doesn’t Open is good enough. If you have an SLR premium subscription, it’s worth adding to your playlist if you like desperation. I hope more studios explore this type of roleplay.

This video requires a VR headset. For tips on starting out, check out my guide for setting up the Oculus Quest 2 for VR porn here.

reverse cowgirl VR

At the time of this writing, this video is available on SLR Premium. SLR Premium is worth it. If you’re curious to learn more about SexLikeReal, check out my review of SLR Premium here.