VR toilet voyeur: Watch several girls use the restroom in “Invisible Man Invades Girls’ School Part 2”

VR toilet voyeur allows you to watch women privately use the restroom, unaware that you are watching. In Invisible Man Invades Girls’ School Part 2, you get to peek over the side of the stall and get an overhead view of six different girls going to the bathroom.

PetersMAX is a fantastic JAV studio known for producing different types of voyeur content. Since they have a lot of VR voyeur videos, including bath voyeur. sex hotel voyeur, orgy voyeur, etc, I recommend checking out their work here.

This toilet VR video includes locker room changing scenes. It is the second video in a three part series. In the first video, you get to experience upskirt action in the classroom. In the third video, you get to watch girls eat. Due to the fact that this video, Part 2, contains toilet scenes, I will be focusing on Part 2 today.


This video starts out in the locker room. The girls change, compare bodies, and play together. As far as JAV voyeur goes, it’s a regular schoolgirl locker room video.

^ get ready for panties and bras

The toilet scenes are all pee scenes. Specifically, what I like about these scenes is that each girl has her own personality. Some are shy, and sit quietly, waiting for the other girls to leave the bathroom before they dare release their pee. In contrast, others are cute and kick their legs playfully. Going beyond that, there are even some girls with a casual attitude, comfortably relieving themselves calmly and business-like.

From a realism perspective, one fantastic element of the pee scenes is that there are often other girls chatting outside the stall. It has a very realistic vibe. Due to this, it feels like you’re really there with them.

vr toilet voyeur girls in the locker
^ overhead view of the toilet

As a side note, this is also a great video if you like butts. Thankfully, the POV is often centered around them:

vr toilet voyeur girls in the locker
^ close enough to kiss

Due to it’s realism and diversity group of girls, I’ve watched this video several times. This is one of my favorite videos for warming up, since it’s less intense and more passive. It’s fun to just watch girls for a bit, before moving on to the more involved, interactive videos with sex and eye contact.

Conclusion: These are some of the best toilet VR videos out there today

I recommend this video to anyone that is looking for good toilet VR. I’d prefer if there was more angle diversity, like being able to see the girls from the front. However, this will due for now.

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Stepdaughter VR: “Indecent Bath Time with your Stepdaughters”

Stepdaughter VR porn takes things to an entirely new level. When I first created this site, I had no idea how deep the rabbit hole would go when it came to crazy JAV fetish porn. Knowing what I know about Japanese porn, I should have seen this coming. The creator of this video is the infamous SodCreate, known for their extreme niche porn.

Warning: Avoid this video if you do not wish to see implied incest and/or sexualized family roleplay.

Indecent Bath Time with Your Stepdaughters starts out with playful family roleplay. You take the role of the stepfather, playing innocently with your two stepdaughters. The two interactive and beautiful girls are Ruru Arisu and Yuri Shinomiya.

Official description:

They’re just too cute – and it doesn’t matter if you know it’s wrong, but you can’t resist the chance to slip into the bath with your two sexy stepdaughters! Petite, lovely, and completely irresistible, bath time is going to be a wet and wild good time today when you turn up the heat on more than the water and let your hungry hands wander over their delicate young bodies! Experience the taboo Japanese MFM threesome of your dreams in this hot VR porn video from JAV studio SodCreate in a high resolution, immersive fun!

After being scolded by the mother for playing when you should be getting ready for bed, the three of you head to the bathroom to shower together. Slowly and casually, you help each other get naked. Since this is family roleplay, the initial scenes are innocent and not sexual in nature. The girls frequently try and get your attention by playing with their toys in ways designed to annoy you, such as blowing their toy whistles in your face. As this is a normal daily activity, the girls continue to play and chat as they get more and more nude.

stepdaughter vr porn nude japanese bath scene
^ helping each other get naked together!

The Pee Scenes

This stepdaughter vr video also includes a cute and innocent pee scene. Of course, taking a warm shower eventually gives these young girls the urge to pee. Since they feel comfortable around you, they let you watch as they naturally pee on the bathroom floor. After they finish relieving themselves, they casually use the shower to rinse away the urine. The girls laugh as they observe their beautiful golden piss being washed away from the floor. Once the floor is clean, they feel no shame as they cleanse their pee from their legs and pubic hair.

stepdaughter vr porn nude japanese bath scene
^ these scenes convey love and intimacy, notice her hand on your leg

This stepdaugther VR video is censored which bothers some viewers. When it comes to VR porn, I personally don’t mind censorship as there are plenty of other things to look at. I’m making eye contact with the actresses most of the time anyway. When I’m not meeting their playful and cheerful gazes, I’m checking out their butts, breasts, and toned stomachs.

The first 30 minutes are innocent. The second half is kinky and sexual.

Eventually, things get more and more kinky as the mutual love escalates to sex. While the sense of innocence fades away, the playful and consenting nature is retained. You get blow jobs and hand jobs. You get to finger the girls. Eventually, you get to have no-condom sex with them in various positions including cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. This video also includes creampie scenes.

stepdaughter vr porn nude japanese bath scene
^ notice the intimacy of the casual hand holding

The above screenshot is slightly distorted due to being a screenshot from a VR video. However, I wanted to include this shot because it conveys the depth of intimacy conveyed in this production. While stimulating one girl, the other calmly holds your hand and patiently awaits her turn. Rather than going overboard with the acting, the girl holding your hand stares at you with a comfortable resting face. She occasionally smiles and provides her sister with appreciation and encouragement.

stepdaughter vr porn nude japanese bath scene
^ things get more and more kinky

The girls have a ton of fun throughout the video. Also different from other JAV harem content is that these girls love each other and patiently wait their turns, rather than getting jealous or petty with one another.

Conclusion: If you like stepdaughter VR and family roleplay, you will love this video.

Personally, I’m happy that this video exists. While these scenarios could be dark and harmful in the real world, videos like this one allow for the playful exploration of these themes with consenting models. Exploring these fantasies in VR can be a helpful, even therapeutic outlet for urges that would otherwise be suppressed. I had a great time playing with these girls, and wholeheartedly recommend this video.

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